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Welcome to Digital Hen recycling

We report on recycling news here, relaying changes in policy related to recycling in the UK government, but also local council decisions which affect how people recycle.

Waste reduction and recycling chats, and tours of the Community Recycling Centres are available to groups of local parties. Please get in touch for bookings of local opportunities to you and we shall inform you. Please appreciate that we are unable to offer this service to groups of kids under the age of 12 due to health and safety laws.

In recent recycling news, people have been advised to:

-Send used bric-a-brac such as toys, DVDs, jewellery, china, novels, clothes in good condition etc to local charity shops. For many charities they are a valuable source of regular general funding.

-With some initiatives you can promote your unwanted belongings for free online and even get an item you do want in return!

-A similar idea is Freecycle, with over 2 million members globally and over 90 active groups in the South of England, you are sure to find someone who will want your unwanted things!

-Alternatively you can find out where your closest Car Boot sale is and take along any unused saleable household items.

Reducing your waste could:

-Save you cash

-Help your local neighbourhood

-Safeguard rare resources

-Save the environment

-cut down pollution

We inform our readers on news and developments within the recycling world. Examples of rubbish that transfer stations do NOT accept:

· Clinical waste

· Liquid

· Many types of hazardous waste

· Tyres

· Chemical spillage

Waste Management programmes are unable to accept rubbish from companies without a Waste Carrier’s certificate or exemption certificate. People who carry waste in the course of their company need to be registered as a Waste Carrier with the Eco Agency.

As well as recycling, there are plenty of other ways of helping the environment:

-growing vegetables at home

-keeping animals, such as a hen or chicken, who can provide eggs. This saves food being transported across the country or the world

-reusing products around the house – such as jam jars and plastic containers

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