Online Marketing

Your website is just the beginning!

As the World Wide Web becomes increasingly sophisticated, websites are now at the core of a series of online activities, designed to increase the levels of traffic to your site, maximise the number of enquiries and convert browsers into buyers.

The Internet is a major opportunity to communicate with your client, or your potential client, directly; it is an enormously powerful marketing medium. At Web on High, we will work with you to ensure that you are making the most of the marketing opportunities open to you online.

We talk to you about any or all of the following:

  • Promotion to Google – and other search engines to achieve (what has become known as) organic or natural listings, the most powerful single form of promotion!
  • Google expert – with many years of experience in the promotion to Google and latterly, Google rank and Google penalty, we are hugely proud of our success.
  • Forums – encourage your clients to exchange views on key related topics and use the data as vital customer research – the ultimate way to get close to your customer!
  • Limited access areas – you may not want everyone to view all areas of your site. Give valued clients or business partners access to sensitive information via a secure password
  • Viral marketing – a fairly new but increasingly popular method of encouraging others to pass along your marketing message – usually via e-mail
  • White papers – boost your search engine rankings by adding white papers which will also inform your clients about your services
  • Adwords etc. – The most effective way to secure enquiries is still via “natural listings” – 72% of sites visited via Google last year came via natural listings as opposed to paid or sponsored links, but this approach is still well worth considering, especially for a new site that may take a while to achieve prominence
  • E-mail marketing – we can capture e-mail details on your site and/or help you to devise and deliver a professionally designed, carefully targeted e-mail campaign. Business to Business e-mail campaigns have an impressive 15-20% open rate – so it’s worth taking them seriously